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According to the U.S. Census, the McAllen MSA grew by more than 311,970 persons since 1990, an 81.3% growth rate, or 4.8% annually.

Between July 1, 2000 and July 1, 2007, the population grew by 141,051 persons, a 24.8% change.

In 2000, the McAllen MSA population was ranked #81 in the nation while last year, in 2007, it was ranked #70, consisting of 710,514 residents. The city of McAllen in 2008 accounted for 129,776 of these individuals.

By 2010, McAllen's population is projected to exceed 132,000, while the MSA will grow to an estimated 750,000 persons.

The U.S. Hispanic population has soared to 14.8% of the U.S. total. The importance of this explosion in the Hispanic population is pertinent both in sheer numbers and economic impact. Growth indicators project that by the year 2015, Hispanics will be the largest minority group in the America.

The McAllen MSA has the 15th largest Hispanic population in the U.S., totaling 503,100. Hispanics comprise 88.3% of McAllen MSA's population. Figure 1 above presents the growth in Hispanic population among the top 10 counties in the U. S. The Rio Grande Valley includes Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr and Willacy counties. On the basis of this information, the RGV is now the 6th largest Hispanic market in America. If just the border communities on the Mexico side were included, the RGV would rise to #2.

Growth in selected cities within the McAllen MSA is presented in Table 2. It is clear that growth for this decade bodes well for each of the surrounding communities.

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